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The dexys "groups" on Facebook

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1 The dexys "groups" on Facebook on Mon Jun 06, 2016 9:08 pm

I'm confused...

On the Dexys and dexys midnight runners appreciation group the new album is the best thing since sliced bread, It's fantastic, It's soulful, It's da best eva innit! yet on the other group-The dexys midnight runners group, people are saying it's average at best and in some cases some would describe it as "shit".
Who do I believe?
Facebook annoys me, just be fucking truthful people, It's not the best ever dexys album, it's an average album, not really a dexys album, It's My Beauty Part 2, with lip service paid to Big Jim on two tracks, It's Helen who saves most of the tracks, she blends very well with Lucy, but is it only me that thinks Kevin has surrounded himself with "yes people", I'd love to know what the other musicians who have graced "dexys midnight runners" think about dexys 2016?
Why is nobody talking about this? has everyone just given up, come on guys.

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